Monday, September 15, 2008

Teashark alpha; a review into the past of the future browser

The teashark beta version was released in late 2007 with the aim of
rendering full web pages as such on mobile devices. It was lauched
as a competition with the famous Opera mini browser.
It is around a size of a mere 120kb and renders full web pages
even in mobile devices with moderate processing capabilities.

But the teashark beta browser crashes very often. It has even challenged the reputation of teashark as a fast and fully fledged mobile browser.

Problems using teashark beta( build 411,419)
  • It has intialisation problems,
  • It crashes to white screen often and a reinstallation is required to solve it which requires another intialisaton,
  • It doesnt connect properly.
  • It may work for the first use and crash next time.
and many more.....

The quest for the solution points back to the past.
Use teashark alpha( build 312)

Teashark alpha has been known for its stability as it requires no initialisation.
it requires you to have a gprs/ internet connection on your mobile network.

Disadvantages in using alpha version
  • the text wrapping function is poor.
  • it is larger in size around 150 kb.
  • it is a bit slower than the beta version.

Compatability: Teashark mobile browser is compatible with all java enabled (J2ME) phones ( including symbian).
For a list of java enabled nokia phones visit

Download teashark beta from:
or from your mobiles default browser:

Download alpha version from here

Note: using teashark alpha and beta versions in airtel live provides free gprs usage due to an unreported bug in airtel gprs billing schemes.

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hac_king said...

Well just wana say its not "unreported bug", it was our forum where first time teashark trick came in existence and then many peoples copied our trick like rahul and thousands of other.

Bug is port no 8913 which is not detected by LIVE proxy and now this port is blocked in north..


vaitheetheboss said...

very nice information

Arathi Nair said...

I installed teashark alpha version(312) from your link.
My handset is micromax q3. When i opens the browser its home page appears. But when i select a link/type an address and try to connect, "connecting..." shows in progress bar, but it again shows the home page itself it doesn't loads any other pages..
I tried the latest version it shows the common problem"failed to initialize try later "..