Thursday, September 18, 2008

Send free sms to any mobile in India

Q-Ads by QumanaUsually one can send free sms to any mobile in India using the IM services like Rediff Bol or Yahoo Messenger. But the number of sms es that can be sent using suchservices is limited. Also you cannot send group messages. This post reviews some of the websites in the internet which allows you to send sms free of cost.

1. is a free portal service which allows a registered user
to send sms to one or more numbers in india. It has a option to invite
friends to the site. It also provides a friend list so you need not
rememember the phone numbers of registered friends. It supports
upto 90 characters for user message. Rest is used for ads. You should
fill a captcha image as confirmation to send sms.

to send sms via click here.


Earnbyads is a revenue program for mobile phones in india where you get paid for recieving ads on your mobile. As a bonus to their program earnbyads provide a unique sms service through which you can send sms to any mobile in India. You also recieve sms
credits for referring your family and friends. You can send upto 50 free sms daily. The unique feature is that you can configure the sender name feild which will be shown on the receipient mobile. You can also configure groups and send group sms in a click
to join earnbyads click here

3. is a unique sms site which provides unlimited sms
upto 110 characters. You need to register to avail the services
It also provides a address book and supports group sms. It also has wap support and hence you can log on from your GPRS enabled handset.

to join way2sms click here
wapsite :

4. is a popular sms program with over 1 million users. It allows upto 80 characters for user message, where the remaining 80 is used for ads. It also allows you to keep a contact book and automatically ads a number to your contact when you sms to it. It also provides wap support and there is no limit on the number of smses you can send.
to join click here

Disclaimer: By joining any of the above sites you agree to the terms and conditions of the respective sites.

comments and suggestion to any new sms service are welcomed.

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